About Us

About Us

Rishikesh is a small town located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it is known as the ‘Gateway to the Himalayas and it is also called the world’s capital of yoga because doing yoga people can control their senses; yoga is another form of Tapasya means penance. Since beginning of Rishikesh, people looking for liberation and spiritual knowledge have been coming here; due to the energetic environment that is why this place is called the yoga capital   In this holi land   Swami mangal nath ji inspired by the good wishes of sages and brahmin established the ‘Punjab Sindh Kshetra Sanstha’ which was flourished by scholar professer Gopichand ji. accommodation facility is provided in dharmshala for the saints and travelers. As a proof of attainment of self knowledge the ultimate goal of human life, Swami ji established the Punjab Sindh Kshetra Sadhu College in 1907. In which the study of Vedas , Grammar , Literature and Astrology is done till the teaching of Aacharya (M.A)

Aatma Parmatmano Sanyoga Yoga

It is prepared for social service by making students proficient  in all appropriate subjects by eligible and qualified teachers . The union of soul and God is called yoga. The supreme soul is a part of God . In order to make knowledge of this  principle. Spiritual Yoga and kriya yoga are trained in the college by qualified teachers in  all these subjects. Uttarakhand Sanskrit University is recognized by Haridwar and certificate are awarded from that university .

Our Best Yoga Teachers

Shri Shaktidhar bahuguna


Naveen Kumar Bhatt


Dr Dayakrishan Lekhak

Assistant Spokesperson

Priyanka Gupta

(H.O.D Yoga )

Hema Negi

(Assistant Lecaturer Yog Department)

Sujeet Bhatt Yogacharya

(Yog Department)